Black42Pay invites everyone to become our partner.

We think that our partnership program is one of the best programs among payment systems.

Don’t miss a chance to earn up to 500 EUR for each invited client.

2-level partnership program

Black42Pay allows you to take part in 2 –level partnership program.

You - a user how has corporative or personal Black42Pay account.

1-level referral - a user invited in Black42Pay directly by you.

2-level referral - a user invited in Black42Pay by your referral of the 1st level.


Amount of referral payments

1-level referral 2-level referral
User operations

20% of transaction fee

of invited users

10% of commission from transactions
Black42Pay card order

1 USD for post shipment

3 USD for courier shipment

0.25 for post

1 USD for courier shipment

Black42Pay card replenishment 0.2 USD per replenishment 0.1 USD per replenishment
Replenishment (E-currency) 0.5% 0.3%
Withdrawal (bank account) 1 USD per withdrawal 0.5 USD per withdrawal

Pay attention that referral fees are paid for transactions from which we have income. For transactions with zero fees we do not pay referral fees. In other words, all referral fees are paid from Black42Pay fees, thus we share our incomes with partners. All referral bonuses are paid immediately.

Calculation of potential income

In order to understand partnership program look at following examples:

img Transactions between users

For example, referral of the 2-level made a transaction to 500 EUR. You receive, as a referrer, 10% of Black42Pay fee which is 0.25 EUR!

If the same transaction is performed by referral of the 1-level, you receive 20% of fee which is 0.5 EUR!

img Black42Pay Cards

For each Black42Pay card order with courier shipment by your 1-level referral you receive 3 USD to your balance.

After the card is active you will receive 0.20 USD to your wallet after replenishment of this card by your referral.

img Replenishments via e-currencies and bank transfer

Let us assume that your 1-level referral makes a deposit to 300 USD via e-currency. You receive 0.5% of this amount which is 1.5 USD.

Let us assume that this referral decides to transfer these funds to bank account. In this case you receive 1 USD.

Calculation of potential income

To get the highest income we advise you to attract online shops or other online businesses that generate high number of sales/ transactions (forums, blogs, social networks etc). All that you need is to tell people about us and attract them. Please don’t SPAM. Your information should reflect interests of all parties.

Whom to tell about Black42Pay

Unlimited number of online-business is interested in Black42Pay services.
Here are some examples:


Online Shops We offer not only payment acceptance, but also good-quality online-banking: your users may both receive payments and transfer money over the whole world.


Payouts We can be used for any project where you need to organize regular payments to user or group of users. Your clients can receive money to their bank accounts, Black42Pay cards or e-wallets.


Financial services Forex and asset trading, multilevel marketing. Our service allows performing payments with minimal fees.


Freelance Black42Pay allows users over the whole world to accept different payments and request cards. It is the most convenient service for freelance projects and clients.


Adult Business Our Black42Pay cards can be used for payouts to models and content providers. Black42Pay allows performing anonymous payments without disclosing your personal and financial information.

Where to find information about Black42Pay advantages

You have to create unique description of Black42Pay services to attract target audience. Please, read through Black42Pay for business and for private.

Logo, banners and advertisement graphics

Click here, to get our logos and banners of different size and styles. You can use any of these materials in your advertisement.


Start inviting new clients right now!

Follow the steps:
  • Log in to your Black42Pay account.
  • Open Referral program, to get private referral link which you can send via e-mail, place on your banner or integrate to your app.
  • Every time when new user opens Black42Pay account through your link or banner and then perform transactions, you receive instantly referral income up to 500.00 EUR.
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